KiwiSaver Solutions

Choosing the right fund, and how much you put into your KiwiSaver account, can make a big difference to how much you end up with at retirement.

Getting started

When you’re young and a long way from retiring, it is important to have your money invested primarily in growth assets, like shares. These go up and down more in the short term than cash and bonds, but over the long-term they have more potential for growth.

Growing Your wealth

Over time, these returns compound and build on each other.  This can lead to a substantially higher balance than if you invest primarily in conservative investments such as cash and bonds.

Nearing Retirement

As you approach your retirement, it is important to lock in some of these returns by moving them into less volatile investments.  This means you can start planning how to turn your investment into retirement income with more certainty.

No matter where you are on your journey, let us help you along the way to get the right solution.

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