How Bay Insurance can help?

You will have a dedicated team to take care of all of your business insurance needs. Our brokers are available to review your business circumstances and recommend appropriate insurance solutions. Most importantly, you will have insurance experts in your corner representing you and managing any claim you may need to make.

Business Insurance

Commercial Property
As the owner of commercial property you need to ensure you have the correct cover that protects your investment, but also ensures you can fulfil your obligations to tenants.
Not having the right cover for your property means you may not be covered for what you really need or worse
still, you may think you’re paying for cover that you’re not entitled to. In most cases you won’t find out until it
comes time to claim.
These days, Health and Safety obligations on tradies are more onerous than ever before.
Are you correctly covered if the worst should happen?
We know you don’t always have the time or desire to understand the small print on your insurance, so we’re here to give you the confidence that you’re covered for what you need, at the value you want.
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Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in the world and can have detrimental consequences to your business.
These days it is not a matter of ‘if’ you’re victim to cybercrime but ‘when’ and ‘how often’ - getting insured is no longer just an option. Regardless of the size of your business, anyone operating on computer-based systems are a potential target for cyber attack.

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